Project Leadership Courses at Hooshmand-Intelligence

These days, executives and senior managers are faced with a constantly changing world.

As a result, it’s vital to learn and build new skills around how to manage projects, programs and portfolios to suit every situation.

Our unique training methodology, short executive courses, and highly regarded community of facilitators offer a unique training experience to meet these requirements.

Leadership Workshops

SMART Corporate – Active Project Appraisal (Half-Day)


SmartBoosting organisation engagements 
This half-day workshop for executive managers uncovers various industry scenarios via an interactive board game. 

It allows participants to experience different ways to bid for projects with the best returnable value for their organisation. The process involves 21 to 70 participants working in groups of 5-7 under the guidance of a facilitator.

Expected outcomes
  1. Deeper understanding of project appraisal principles
  2. Enhanced ability to use group decision-making 
  3. Awareness of project finance principles
  4. Knowledge of how to conduct commercial and financial risk assessments
Who is it suitable for?
  • Universities
  • Boards of Directors
  • Chief Executives

“The Board Game has been really engaging.”
“(It was a) dynamic and enjoyable learning experiment.”

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SMART Portfolio - Engaging Decision Makers Actively (Full-Day)


SmartBoosting organisation resilience 

This full-day workshop draws on industry scenarios via a facilitator.

It allows participants to experience working in complex and complicated contexts and discuss the desired actions.

Participants are presented with two specific scenarios. They are then asked to reflect on how to improve the decision-making outcomes. The process involves 12 to 24 participants working in groups of 3 under the guidance of a facilitator.

Analysis and new learnings can be collected via Sensemaker© software to reveal emerging patterns and problematic outliers, and enable recognition of early warning signals.

These can all help strategic decision makers trying to identify blind spots and gaps in their strategy before implementation.

The method has been peer-reviewed and tested internationally.

Expected outcomes
  1. Improved integration of strategy and operational implementation
  2. Enhanced project and portfolio management ability 
  3. Improved teamwork on problem areas
  4. Knowledge of how to prepare for unexpected events in business decision-making
Who is it suitable for?
  • University students
  • Senior Program Managers
  • Executive Managers

“The simulation improves decision-making with a new way to look at the problems.”
“(We had) some conflicts in the beginning, which contributed to an improved outcome.”

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The Game of Product Excellence

GameSystem Thinking in performance excellence 

Want to learn how to use system-thinking in project management?

Join us for a workshop to play famous commercial games such as Friday Night at the ER, which works for all industries.

In teams of 4, you’ll manage a spike in demand, uneven workloads, unexpected events, and limited resources – all while trying to provide quality care at a reasonable cost.

Key Aims

During the game and debrief, you’ll:

  • Discover how to think beyond your role and work effectively across boundaries to achieve your organisation's goals
  • Learn the key principles of systems thinking and how to apply the three core strategies to improve system performance
  • Uncover how the lessons translate to your own work
  • Learn ways to make positive, sustainable change

Our workshop is also an opportunity to evaluate simulation games for potential use within your own organisation.

Topics covered:
  • Systemsthinking
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Critical thinking and decisions
  • Openness to new practices
  • Flow and resource management
Who is it suitable for?
  • University students
  • Team members 
  • Trade crews
  • Hospitals, Research Labs, and Innovation Hubs


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The Everything Plan (Upcoming product)


EverythingThe Everything Plan is our consolidated package with everything you need to become an effective planner for your business or project.

The package includes structured mentoring, training, and education programs to improve the planning capabilities of our clients. All programs are led by Australia’s top experts on project planning, continuous risk management and earned value management.

Expected outcomes
  • We use principles of systems thinking and complexity theory to improve your resilience.
  • Unique board games are used to provide a safe-to-fail experimentation and learning opportunity.
  • Our mentoring program will help establish initial capabilities and develop a higher performing team at the end of three months.
Who is it suitable for?
  • Senior project managers
  • Business Strategic Planners
  • Project practitioners 


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Got a Question?

If you have any general questions about our training programs, feel free to contact us:

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Digital Academy – Online library and specialist courses

If you and/or your team need in-depth training on project management, Hooshmand-Intelligence Advisory is here to help.

Our Digital Academy courses include a series of short learning programs that focus on how to improve performance when tackling difficult scenarios. This is achieved through simulated real-life experiences.

Each topic is presented in a 45-minute video or podcast and includes exercises. Subject to assessment results, a certificate of completion from Hooshmand-Intelligence Academy will be issued.

Our Digital Academy courses include:

Management of uncertainty in projects, programs, and portfolios

Many project organisations shape their businesses with projects to respond to their changing environment. You can either choose one or opt for all three modules.

  • Foundation (45 minutes)
  • Enhance your understanding of organisations with multiple projects
  • Learn how to manage complex project pipelines
  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM) (45 minutes)
  • Learn how to use PPM principles to boost your organisation’s performance
  • Discover more about the principles, decision processes and tools to manage uncertainty in PPM
  • Analyse your current practises and plan a transition roadmap for your organisation
  • Maturity Models (45 minutes)
  • Learn how to use maturity models to enhance success for your project delivery
  • Discover the tools that can help assess your organisation maturity, and set up a growth plan to become a high-performing organisation
Expected outcomes
  • Deeper understanding of your organisation and multiple project management
  • Enhanced ability to use frameworks for decision-making in complex conditions
  • Awareness of project portfolio management
  • Understanding Maturity Models and their applications

Continuous Program Risk Management

In this course, you’ll learn the root cause of technical, cost and schedule uncertainty, as well as how to use frameworks for:

  • Measuring, analysing and improving risks
  • Controlling and reducing risks where possible
  • Connecting principles of program success, processes and practice
Expected outcomes:
  1. Understanding of principles of program success
  2. Knowing how to quantify uncertainty
  3. Understanding of how to measure and reduce risks
Who is it suitable for?
  • Risk Managers
  • PMO Managers
  • Project Managers

digital-AcademyIncreasing probability of Project Success by integrated master schedule (IMS)

We face a lot of bad news when major projects crash.

In this course, you’ll learn how to use End State or ConOpsas a first principle to establish requirements, and an integrated master schedule to improve the probability of project delivery success. This includes education on all the estimates and constraints, and the technical and commercial assumptions involved.

Expected outcomes:
  1. Understanding of integrated planning principles
  2. Application of ConOps to define criteria and evaluate integrated master schedules
  3. Understanding of the integration of risk
  4. Understanding of the program for execution and controls
Who is it suitable for?
  • Planning Managers
  • Delivery and Procurement Directors

Research and Development Project Success (TBC)

This course merges real experience from academia and industry research and development with core principles of project management. We address the challenges of managing research and development projects and programs in three key areas:

  1. Resource, time and cost
  2. Strategic scope and impact
  3. Commercialisation and intellectual property
Expected outcomes:
  1. Enhanced ability to define quality project definition
  2. Increased R&D project success
  3. Improved practice of project governance
Who is it suitable for?
  • Universities and research centres
  • Director of research and development programs
  • Policy makers and strategists for R&D programs

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