Making a difference in the project management sector

Our Focus

FocusThe Hooshmand-Intelligence Advisory was founded by Dr Saeed Shalbafan in 2018,with the aim of providing niche training and advisory services to practitioners in project management roles. 

Our key focus is performance excellence. We’re dedicated to educating our clients about the principles involved in projects and operations business models to help them achieve success.

Our Expertise

ExpertiseHooshmand-Intelligence products and services are based on peer-reviewed international research and years of practice in Europe and Northern America. That research is now part of our company’s intellectual property.

To ensure the quality of our training, we continually engage well-known international researchers and speakers to provide specialist courses and tips on our digital platform.

Our Offering

OfferingOur up-to-date scientifically proven methodologies help participants and enhance their Project Management Office (PMO) skills and performance. We assess, design, and implement frameworks as response mechanisms to deal with unexpected events. 
Unlike many existing programs, we provide a digital platform with an extensive database of information and tools, including customised online training.
Our program also engages participants face-to-face in one-day workshops and experiential learning, which are led by some of APAC's most well-known facilitators. 
Participants who successfully use our techniques in their workplace can become certified associates from the Hooshmand-Intelligence Advisory. This qualification provides access to other thinkers in their community of practice.

Our Advisory

AdvisoryThe Hooshmand-Intelligence Advisory works under two trademarks:

  1. PPLEXCISIONS Global This is our advisory service, which focuses on providing tools, methods, and technologies to clients who need assistance with resilience and management in an increasingly uncertain business environment.
  2. Hooshmand-Intelligence This part of our company looks after the training and education services for individuals and professional institutes. We’re privileged to have the global IP from recent research and advancements, which allows us to provide a unique offering via our digital academy and online training courses.

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