To help our clients manage complex problems, we offer high-profile expertise via dedicated advisory services.

Our advisors can be booked for a set period, or contacted for desktop review or expert panel services when complicated problems arise.
We can provide this service in your office, remotely, or virtually – whatever suits your organisation best.
See below for an outline of our advisory programs:


Research Projects Success Advisory (RPSA) (Eight weeks / 40 hours)

ResearchThe foundations for a successful research project are often laid out well before it begins. In fact, it starts when an idea is shaped into a proposal and then a project.

The careful planning of methodology, legals, key stakeholders, resources and budget can all influence how and when the project is implemented and concluded.

Throughout the process, in today’s working conditions, people expect a high level of performance. We’re expected to excel across every step – from the design and implementation through to the management of the product. 

So how do we make this happen?

Expected outcomes
  • Establish an understanding of the foundation of applied project management for R&D/Innovation projects.
  • Increase the success probability for research projects facing constraints in resources and funding.
The advisory service includes
  • Lab advisory
  • An R&D project program
  • R&D Project Performance health checks
Who is it suitable for?
  • Private companies with R&D for product development
  • Universities / Research Centres
  • Government agencies dealing with R&D projects

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Complexity and Responsiveness Advisory (CRA) (Four Weeks / 30 hours)


ComplexityOur CRA is a focused specialist service based on theory of agile management, systemsthinking, and decision-making frameworks.

We use agile Pulses, which have been successfully used by our European partners, to detect issues and gaps for the business stream. This allows our participants to manage complexity in their environment.

We also use a systems-thinking approach to evaluate the score of complexity for the organisation.

Expected outcomes
  • Learn how to diagnose early warning signals based on unfolded stories.
  • Know how to create roadmaps to establish resilience and agility in your business.
The advisory service includes:
  • Data collection and data analytics on Agile pulses, culture and wellness to develop strategic roadmaps
  • Specialist services to define parameters
  • Customised frameworks to help tackle uncertainty in your business
Who is it suitable for?
  • Chief Executive Officers
  •  Executive Directors
  • Managing Directors
  • Strategists
  • Policy makers

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